Welcome to Blooming Pixie Ltd.

We offer a great selection of products  that will cover all of your lifestyle needs. We hope you enjoy an exceptional shopping experience with us.  Do keep a regular check on the site as it will be updated frequently with new products

Feel free to contact us, our customer service are always happy to answer any questions or take feedback.


About Us

We are Heather & Louise the founders of Blooming Pixie Ltd.
Blooming Pixie is a growing lifestyle brand providing home decor, sweet treats, party essentials & much much more!  It's all the things that we love & want to share, so that you to can add your Blooming pixie style to your life and enjoy!  
We are two mums that met through networking marketing businesses and we just clicked.  We work together and complement one another with our skills and knowledge, but also our willingness to learn and a desire to drive our business, whilst also helping others.  
We want to do business fairly, honestly and with a heart, bringing you the best we can.  We value our customers.